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tabulator / табулятор, тот, кто составляет таблицы
имя существительное
тот, кто составляет таблицы
имя существительное
a person or thing that arranges data in tabular form.
The names of all individuals allowed access to central tabulators should be posted publicly during elections, and all individuals who have access the central tabulator should be available to citizens through public records requests.
What surprises people is that the central tabulator is just a PC, like what you and I use.
Of course, the central tabulator is the most desirable target.
businessmen speak out their minds to a tabulator on various issues
They use a program which fills the screen of the PC and effectively turns it into the central tabulator system.
This protection, when coupled with the on-site data tabulators using existing data and a simple mail/telephone survey, provided the observed response rate of 79%.
This caused a considerable scoring headache for the official tabulators , but somehow they managed to sort it all out.
As annalists, tabulators of losses and gains, commentators on the future of states and societies, we emphasise its first sense too heavily.
Validation studies verified our ability to repeat tabulations between tabulators and laboratories within acceptable limits.
Data were collected by field tabulators (moderate- or high-complexity laboratories) or through a mail/telephone survey (waived or provider-performed microscopy laboratories) for each site.
Back-end vote tabulators can be easily hacked.