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tabulate / пластинчатый, плоский
имя прилагательное
laminar, laminated, tabular, laminate, tabulate
flat, plane, tabular, vapid, platitudinous, tabulate
сводить в таблицы
tabulate, tab
придавать плоскую поверхность
arrange (data) in tabular form.
tabulated results
Further, they were told that the instructor would not review or tabulate the responses until after final grades for the course were determined.
The U.S. Census Bureau did not tabulate separate statistics for Panama, Central and South American nations until 1960.
We tabulate their performance below in no special order.
Where possible we tabulated results in terms of means and standard deviations for consultations and proportions for prescribing and referrals.
The results from the minute papers are tabulated and presented to the students each day and then selected topics are covered.
The site offers voter registration, listings, and even vote tabulation for its customers.
Of course, if the audit system doesn't match the vote tabulation there's no way to know that the vote tabulation actually works properly.
Results are tabulated immediately and visitors have the option of viewing past surveys and their results.
The seven-person research team is kept busy all year tabulating the results into numerical ratings, city by city.
But the real results are the ones that can't be tabulated by the Department of Education.