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tabloid / бульварная газета, краткий обзор, конспект
имя существительное
бульварная газета
краткий обзор
synopsis, tabloid
abstract, summary, synopsis, outline, conspectus, tabloid
имя прилагательное
compressed, short, concise, tight, succinct, tabloid
shoddy, tabloid, of base alloy, cheapjack, bush league, bum
имя существительное
a newspaper having pages half the size of those of a standard newspaper, typically popular in style and dominated by headlines, photographs, and sensational stories.
She has even forgiven boyfriends who have sold stories about her to the tabloids .
a tabloid TV show
Britain's first blind prime minister would certainly have tabloid appeal.
The reason why dumbing down and tabloid trivialisation is so widespread is that it works.
In short, the market is softening, but is in no way in a crisis, slump or any other such tabloid noun you care to use.
The story and my picture were emblazoned on the front page of a tabloid .
If this tabloid exposé is on the level, frankly we should all be chucking our jewellery crossly into the woods.
It is tabloid trash no matter how you dress it up or justify it to yourselves.
The first obstacle to the rising star of my career in tabloid television was that we were lost.
tabloid newspaper
Throughout the article he used some of the most reactionary tabloid language possible for the occasion.