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tableware / посуда
имя существительное
dishes, crockery, tableware, utensil, dinnerware
имя существительное
dishes, utensils, and glassware used for serving and eating meals at a table.
In fact, she has not turned a dollar since November 1969, apart from auctions of her furnishings, china, glassware, and tableware .
This again aims to challenge the conventions of tableware .
Many ancient Chinese artifacts such as vases, bottles and tableware featured fishes and pomegranates known for their numerous fruit seeds.
Other stars of the collection are remnants of medieval glazed jugs, tableware , and three-handled drinking cups from the 17th century.
An award-winning Hong Kong company has an alternative: biodegradable tableware .
A vast range of products will be available, ranging from fine art and framing to design-oriented furniture, cosmetics, ceramics, glass and tableware .
Other items discovered include a set of pewter tableware used by servants.
There is a very comprehensive range of ceramics, from fabulous tableware to quirky characters and conceptual and exploratory pieces.
This space also holds many, many portrait miniatures and paperweights, not to mention drinking glasses and tableware from the various imperial chateaux.
This tableware can be had in exquisite patterns and vibrant colours.
While you wait for your order, you can browse through a range of furniture, textiles, carpets, glassware, tableware , candles, aromatherapy, books and much more.