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tablet / таблетка, дощечка, блокнот
имя существительное
tablet, pill, lozenge, pastille, tabloid, troche
tablet, nameplate, table, planch, slat, bred
notebook, notepad, pad, scratchpad, tablet, sketchpad
прикреплять табличку
делать надпись на табличке
имя существительное
a small disk or cylinder of a compressed solid substance, typically a measured amount of a medicine or drug; a pill.
You can also take antihistamine tablets containing drugs such as cyclizine or cinnarizine to prevent travel or motion sickness.
a writing pad.
Legal pad enthusiasts do seem to have a psychological connection to their writing tablets .
In her arms was a writing tablet and a pencil, looking like they were about to fly out of her hands at any moment.
We have an inscription on a stone tablet which contains a date which translates to 876.
Pulling his writing tablet from his harness pouch, Alan retrieved the pen he'd placed in the side of his war collar.
And speaking of notes, an anonymous hand-scrawled poem mysteriously appeared on a communal writing tablet in the bathroom that night.
I would like you to think about a drug, a tablet , which can prevent heart attacks.
Another technique that can be used with a tablet of medicine that is too bitter to chew is to crush it and mix it with strawberry jam or applesauce, she adds.
Each tablet of the drug was administered with 300 ml of water.
It consisted of a video of a little girl's hand clasping a pencil and writing on a tablet .
The tablet 's inscription tells the story of Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty.
A votive tablet found in Plovdiv and now housed at the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia depicts one such occurrence.