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tablespoon / столовая ложка
имя существительное
столовая ложка
tablespoon, soup spoon
имя существительное
a large spoon for serving food.
One can play metal teaspoons, tablespoons , soup spoons, and wooden spoons.
Have a heaping tablespoon of ground seeds a day.
Using a tablespoon , spoon the batter into the pan to form small pancakes and sauté on both sides until golden brown.
Spread the beef slices out on a worktop and spoon a heaped tablespoon of filling into the centre of each.
Off the heat, add a pat of butter and a tablespoon of white wine vinegar.
Spoons, usually a single tablespoon , are or were owned by a significant number of New England churches.
Take a heaped tablespoon of the chicken mixture and push a hollow in it with your thumb.
Add one tablespoon of butter and sear the veal on the other side.
Roll each ball and put in a tablespoon of the filling.
Spoon a generous tablespoon of the fish mixture on each tortilla chip; top each with a cilantro leaf.
Add one tablespoon of oil and stir to coat.