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tabby / полосатый, пестрый
имя прилагательное
striped, tabby, striated, stripy, streaky, brindle
motley, variegated, mottled, pied, checkered, tabby
имя существительное
полосатая кошка
злая сплетница
старая дева
old maid, spinster, maiden, vestal, tabby
наносить темные полосы
имя прилагательное
(of a cat) gray or brownish in color and streaked with dark stripes.
A small, tabby kitten walked out, sniffing the air.
имя существительное
a cat whose fur is mottled or streaked with dark stripes.
There are tabbies and toms in white, black, grey and ginger.
a fabric with a watered pattern, typically silk.
a plain weave.
a type of concrete made of lime, shells, gravel, and stones that dries very hard.
The tabby kitten made a soft mewing sound and rolled out of the playful fight.
Seeing no one save a small tabby kitten lying curled upon a red plush sofa, I took the chance to look around.
Unfortunately, the odds are less than favourable for this overgrown tabby .
Debbie has fallen in love with a beautiful dark coloured tabby who, like most of the others, still has two weeks to go before he's ready for adoption.
Even the most beloved mutt or tabby is deemed virtually worthless: rescued from an animal shelter for a nominal fee, they can be ‘replaced’ at the same expense.
Then there was the surgery cat, a tough little tabby, much like Harry Cat except his tabby stripes were broken into small pieces by the intrusion of some foreign gene in his heritage.
His orange tabby fur was normal among street toms.
The two smallest kittens looked alike they had the same tabby fur, the smallest of the cats also matched as they had the same caramel coat and the biggest cats had the same fluffy white fur.
Their coloration is similar to that of a tabby domestic cat and makes them difficult to see in their forested habitats.
When I was young, my aunt took a kitten from that cat, a little tabby one, before she left - I hope she found somewhere more peaceful with it.