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tabbed / обозначать, сводить в таблицы, называть
denote, designate, mark, define, note, tab
сводить в таблицы
tabulate, tab
call, name, term, title, designate, tab
mark or identify with a projecting piece of material.
he opened the book at a page tabbed by a cloth bookmark
use the tab key on a computer or typewriter keyboard.
the user can tab to the phrase and press Enter
He was the guy owner Jerry Jones had tabbed as the person to take over the team, and Parcells wanted to coach the Cowboys.
Eager for another opportunity to appear in a film with Loren, Grant was agreeable to a starring role in Paramount's Houseboat, a film that the studio had tabbed as a vehicle for Loren, whom they had just signed to a four picture deal.
His copy of The Diviners was meticulously tabbed and flagged and he had a thick file of all of the emails that the two men had exchanged with each other before this evening.
If he's feeling any pressure as the man tabbed to replace the All-Star, it hasn't shown in camp.
There were some concerns at safety, which had been tabbed as the strongest position in this year's draft.
Now the Patriots are favoured and it's the Eagles, tabbed as seven-point underdogs by Las Vegas odds-makers, who have been given no chance to win their first Super Bowl championship.
With that in mind, we dug through our archives for some names that we tabbed as coaches on the rise 10 years ago.
Both franchises tabbed enthusiastic, young head coaches - defense-first coaches - to lead the turnaround.
A 10-game winning streak vaulted Boston into contention with the White Sox and the Detroit Tigers, whom the writers had tabbed as early-season favorites.
In the Breeders' Cup Mile, we have tabbed Godolphin's English Group 1 winner Noverre as Europe's best chance.