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tab / ушко, счет, ярлык
имя существительное
ear, tab, eyelet, lug, tag, bootstrap
account, score, bill, invoice, count, tab
label, tag, tab, ticket, stamp, docket
hanger, rack, peg, tab, rail, shoulder
eyelet, tab, eye
denote, designate, mark, define, note, tab
сводить в таблицы
tabulate, tab
call, name, term, title, designate, tab
имя существительное
a small flap or strip of material attached to or projecting from something, used to hold or manipulate it, or for identification and information.
The shopkeeper undid the clasp binding the date book closed and heaved it open, revealing a binder with unusually long pages and alphabetical identification tabs protruding from the edges.
a second or further document or page that can be opened on a spreadsheet or web browser.
You can now do one-touch bookmarking of favorites right from the favorites tab .
a restaurant or bar bill.
Forget about the hefty bar tabs and the dinner bills: talk or chat the night away, and when the time is right, you can personally meet each other and have the time of your lives.
a part of a control surface, typically hinged, that modifies the action or response of the surface.
Should the airplane enter what is known as a ‘deep stall,’ the wing can mask the flow of air over the tail surfaces, blanking out the control tabs .
a facility in a word-processing program, or a device on a keyboard, for advancing to a sequence of set positions in tabular work.
set tabs at 1.4 inches and 3.4 inches
mark or identify with a projecting piece of material.
he opened the book at a page tabbed by a cloth bookmark
use the tab key on a computer or typewriter keyboard.
the user can tab to the phrase and press Enter
Keep in mind the tab was over $300 and they had Benny, the career waiter, running back and forth for hours.
Unfortunately it's the poor waiter or waitress that is responsible for an unpaid tab ; they get stuck for the money.
get tips on learning how to read guitar tab
He had to move slowly to keep from losing control of the tab when the zipper resisted.
It had been a metal top from a can, the kind you pull off with a tab .
This scandal was well known to readers of American papers but there was not a word in any British newspaper, broadsheet or tab , and of course nothing on the BBC, the only radio station.
If a number 1 guy had to be identified today, coaches would tab the bullish Davis, who has run with purpose all spring.
the user can tab to the phrase and press Enter
The waiter comes over, they are obviously on good terms, he is a regular, and Gilbert pays his tab , rolls up his newspaper, and leaves the cafe.
He took one half a tab of ecstasy with a lot of water.