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systematize / систематизировать, приводить в порядок
systematize, systemize, schematize
приводить в порядок
put in order, settle, tidy, adjust, set in order, systematize
arrange according to an organized system; make systematic.
Galen set about systematizing medical thought
Then they try to codify it in a film or systematize it in a program.
If you accept that you have to do mass education - and, to keep costs low and for a lot of other reasons, I think that's not an unreasonable conclusion - you have to systematize it.
Kant insisted that although we cannot prove that nature is purposively organized, we must systematize our empirical knowledge by viewing nature as if it were so organized.
Both men helped to systematize chemistry, to define the law of definite proportions and the underlying atomic and elemental principles.
Although Asia formulated the democratic idea far ahead of the West, it did not systematize it.
Now, border police, highway patrol police, and municipal police, all trained in Kabul, are incrementally introduced to professionalize and systematize the application of law at the local level.
The goal of this policy is to systematize the connection between the scientists abroad and their home.
But cities have other dimensions that defy the calm logic and systematization of this approach.
Languages are only a little better suited to systematization than images.
The systematizer was sometimes less than logical, less than precise in his teaching about God's purposes.