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syrupy / приторный, липкий
имя прилагательное
sugary, mawkish, luscious, saccharine, syrupy, treacly
sticky, adhesive, tacky, clammy, gummy, syrupy
имя прилагательное
having the consistency or sweetness of syrup.
syrupy desserts
The syrupy sweet voice passed through his ears and went straight to his brain.
This is truly a family film that inspires and entertains without being cutesy or syrupy .
It's a syrupy , drippy, cloyingly sweet story of a son's enduring love for his troubled father.
The entire film is filled with moments that are supposed to invoke tears, complete with syrupy stringed accompaniment thanks to the musical score.
The tone is sweet without being syrupy ; it's festive, unforced.
The lyrics are unabashedly syrupy and therefore, cheesy.
The essay continues in the style of its conception and her sentimental and syrupy excess will have you cringing throughout.
It's an often syrupy , overly sentimental movie that really wants you to like it.
It was Zach, sounding all syrupy sweet and apologetic, like he always did after he screwed up.
I'm a baby when it comes to Iced Tea: I like it syrupy and sweet.