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syrup / сироп, патока, очищенная патока
имя существительное
syrup, sirup
syrup, treacle, sirup
очищенная патока
syrup, sirup
thicken, condense, coagulate, deepen, concentrate, syrup
поливать сиропом
sirup, syrup
имя существительное
a thick sweet liquid made by dissolving sugar in boiling water, often used for preserving fruit.
Select canned fruit in its own juice or water, not heavy syrup , and frozen fruit without added sugar.
I remember (when all this was fields) when I was ill as a younger thing, we'd be given Veno's cough mixture or Buttercup syrup .
he has been bald for the past twenty years, his shame concealed by a syrup of some opulence
Supplementation procedure Each child was fed a teaspoon of syrup daily for 14 days and one capsule on day 14.
But probably the best recognised is the black syrup left after processing, known as molasses.
Recent examples of fake drugs include a meningitis vaccine made of tap water, paracetamol syrup made of industrial solvent and contraceptive pills made of wheat flour.
An attendant administered the syrup daily for four months except on Sundays, when the mother administered it.
Mr Gurney's poems are almost all of them syrup
Anyway, my first visit to this new GP was terminated with a bottle of laxative syrup , presumably to clear whatever blockage was causing my symptoms.
cough syrup
In a saucepan gently melt the butter then add the golden syrup and heat, stirring until thoroughly combined.