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synoptic / синоптический, сводный, обзорный
имя прилагательное
synoptic, synoptical
consolidated, synoptic, synoptical
survey, synoptic, synoptical
имя существительное
synoptic, weather forecaster
имя прилагательное
of or forming a general summary or synopsis.
a synoptic outline of the contents
of or relating to the Synoptic Gospels.
In John, although there are a few parabolic sayings, there are no parables comparable with the synoptic tradition.
имя существительное
the Synoptic Gospels.
In the Synoptics , the most characteristic form is the parable: a fresh, pithy, and often paradoxical story set in the everyday world of Jesus' time, and used above all to develop Jesus' key theme: the kingdom of God.
Indeed, whether or not it was part of a collection of sayings gathered within this text, it does not explain in itself why it was kept within the synoptic composition.
The practical result was that a semicontinuous reading of a synoptic gospel in each of the three years in the sequence Matthew, Mark and Luke was interrupted by the insertion of some readings from John.
To belong to a place, Joyce suggests, one must have both intimate knowledge and skeptical distance, the particulate experience of the street along with the synoptic view of the map.
As expected, both gastropods and bivalves show remarkably similar Ordovician diversity trajectories on a global scale, thus lending support to the synoptic model of global evolutionary faunas.
Philosophers used to think that the point of their discipline was to attain a synoptic vision - to see how everything hangs together.
The search for a single, synoptic view of the relationship between religion and war must be fruitless.
John's gospel is not considered synoptic as it contains 92% unique material from the other three.
Also, it favors the microscopic analysis over the synoptic view, which means that concepts, their meanings, and connotations are put in the spotlight, whereas the treatises in which they figure remain in the shadows.
It is precisely this complex of ideas in the oldest layer of the synoptic tradition which is the object of our consideration.
The Epilogue provides a synoptic survey of the growth of Sikh faith and its consolidation in one of the most turbulent periods of the Indian history.