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synopsis / краткий обзор, резюме, синопсис
имя существительное
краткий обзор
synopsis, tabloid
resume, summary, abstract, brief, synopsis, recap
имя существительное
a brief summary or general survey of something.
a synopsis of the accident
a synopsis of the insurance cover provided is set out below
I've read the synopsis of it but I haven't read any spoilers, but now knowing that there is a twist at the end I'm thinking it's fairly obvious.
Although we will not reveal much about the movie, here's a brief synopsis .
The issue provides a brief synopsis of each topic with links to the information on-line.
Mr Gilder has sent a letter to all members, assuring them that there is no crisis at the theatre and giving a brief synopsis of the events that led up to the resignations.
Even though the plot synopsis may set off warning sirens, however, the film is refreshing, never cloying.
The book is broken into three main sections, beginning with a brief synopsis of the state's long geologic history.
A plot synopsis is irrelevant, and any detailed discussions of content will undoubtedly spoil it.
For you who are fresh faces and were not here last year, or just didn't care enough to read The Peak, I will give you a brief synopsis .
Trying to provide a synopsis of this film is like recounting your week.