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syncopate / синкопировать
displace the beats or accents in (music or a rhythm) so that strong beats become weak and vice versa.
syncopated dance music
shorten (a word) by dropping sounds or letters in the middle, as in symbology for symbolology , or Gloster for Gloucester.
Nouns ending in d or g containing a long vowel or diphthong where that consonant is syncopated in the plural, preserve it in the diminutive.
It has the benefit of a modern approach to cadence and syncopated rhythm, yet it feels more authentic and true to the material.
It's pure Guinean syncopated rhythm and choral chanting, with lots of bells, horns, cymbals and traditional African instruments.
With its syncopations and constantly changing time signatures, the composition is a rare hybrid that sounds familiar in places and then twists and turns into something wholly original.
Although the complex syncopated rhythms of duets can sound to the untrained ear as if they are coming from one bird, they are the efforts of two wrens perched side by side and interposing their notes with precise timing.
There is a high reliance on speed, and editing syncopated to the rhythms of a fast music-track, regardless of context.
Young has a lively sense of gesture and motion; his painterly rhythms are rapid and syncopated , forming a dancing pattern.
Intensity and loudness increases by the middle of the movement, with some sharp attacks by the strings, with drums and syncopated rhythms.
He played trills, used differently syncopated rhythms, and at times even played little snippets of the accompanying rhythm; yet Silvia was perfectly able to pick the main melody out of the solo.
Quick techno rhythm is syncopated with pauses in the forward-moving action brought on by Lola's superhuman screams or by the death of a protagonist.
If the adjective contains a long vowel or diphthong, the final /x/ is syncopated when /a/ is added and a diaeresis is applied.