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synchrony / синхронность
имя существительное
simultaneous action, development, or occurrence.
Brain research has shown that using sound phasing for brain synchrony will adjust the brain waves to deeper states down to the delta wave pattern.
synchronic treatment or study.
the structuralist distinction between synchrony and diachrony
On stage, they perform in near-perfect synchrony and unison.
Whether breeding synchrony has resulted in the evolution of extrapair mating systems or whether it correlates with a yet unknown factor that is responsible for EPFs remains to be determined.
some individuals do not remain in synchrony with the twenty-four-hour day
One thinks of Mikhail Bakhtin's chronotypes, which introduced synchrony into the heavily diachronic tradition of literary history.
These authors concluded that both climate and dispersal might be responsible for maintaining large-scale synchrony .
They promptly activated the aforementioned portable photometer-chart recorder and obtained the first electronic recording of firefly synchrony .
Nevertheless, by relying heavily on the notions of both synchrony and diachrony, Barthesian discourse aims to express how any of a host of other discourses function without ever claiming to be the final answer.
The astronomical world remained silent about this remarkable astral synchrony in time and space, even though April 12 th is Astronomy Day.
The debate over whether pheromones affect human behavior is hardly over, but at least enough evidence has been collected that a consensus has emerged on some effects, such as menstrual synchrony .
So here were twelve people, strangers until last week, trying to dance in perfect synchrony .