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sync / синхронизировать
synchronize, sync, synch, contemporize, bring into step
the flash needs to be synced to your camera
имя существительное
images flash onto your screen in sync with the music
Even in the 1980s, when realism gradually became the cinematic mainstream, many films only had partial sync sound due to a shortage of technical personnel.
That one had an annoying stutter, apparently caused by the feature that lets it pause live TV à la TiVo, and occasionally the audio lost sync with the video.
Worse, there's a stretch at the end of the film where the 5.1 totally breaks down and loses sync with the video.
images flash onto your screen in sync with the music
We did have to think about sound in a conceptual way, because there is no sync sound in that piece apart from the swimming-pool sequence.
images flash on to your screen in sync with the music
The agent sits there, transfixed at the sight before him, and as the music breaks down they change position before it starts up again, once again writhing in and out in perfect sync with their soundtrack.
The reproduction carrier frequency is scanned at the converted step frequency width until a frame sync is established after the frame sync is detected.
In over a month of usage I only had to re-capture two clips of video that did not have proper audio sync .
The day is approaching when joggers will be able to run in perfect sync with their favorite music.