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symptomatology / симптоматика
имя существительное
имя существительное
the set of symptoms characteristic of a medical condition or exhibited by a patient.
All subjects underwent a thorough medical screening to exclude symptomatology or clinical evidence of hepatobiliary disease.
The symptomatology of these patients resembled an acute exacerbation of their illness which was still evident one month after the initial ingestion.
It is also believed that this resulting inflammation and airway injury, in some manner, alters airway function and generates clinical symptomatology .
Its absence indicates that patients with negative symptomatology have a decreased interest in exploring the environment.
Sixty-four percent had radiographic responses and improvements in respiratory symptomatology .
Lower scores are associated with less depressive symptomatology whereas higher scores are associated with more depressive symptomatology .
A knowledge of age-dependent physiology and clinical symptomatology will improve diagnostic accuracy.
Metabolic control, diabetes treatment adherence, eating disorder symptomatology , and general psychopathology were measured at all assessment points.
We used current depressive symptomatology as an indicator of psychological health.
The detection of viral RNA in a respiratory sample suggests a viral contribution to respiratory symptomatology and pathology.
Given the patient's mild symptomatology , treatment was withheld pending return of cultures.