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symposium / симпозиум, древнегреческий пир
имя существительное
symposium, workshop
древнегреческий пир
имя существительное
a conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.
There is a long history behind the ICS; most of the early international geological congresses had symposia and meetings to debate and decide stratigraphical procedures and nomenclature.
One of the contributors to the earlier symposium , but conspicuous by her absence in the recent one, was Ursula K. Le Guin, who will be seventy-five years old this year.
The symposium , or drinking party, would normally have been equipped with vessels of precious metal.
The symposium is an annual conference of dioxin researchers.
Peter Holman, who writes the introductory essay to this symposium , is at pains to remove the obstruction.
Other contributors to this symposium are going to give general overviews of his contributions.
Among other things, it's got a continuing symposium on legal education featuring essays from some of the brighter legal minds in the country.
At the symposium , women danced and sang and performed on the double-reeded aulos (like an oboe or shawm), or lyre, having been hired, sometimes, on the street.
The papers in this symposium are a result of the synergy that developed in those conversations.
The following papers are contributions to a symposium on these topics presented at the 1999 meetings of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology.
After this, a symposium was held, discussing the nature of food in general and of salad in particular.