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symphony / симфония
имя существительное
symphony, sinfonia
имя прилагательное
symphonic, symphony
имя существительное
an elaborate musical composition for full orchestra, typically in four movements, at least one of which is traditionally in sonata form.
He was a prolific composer, writing symphonies , concertos, sonatas, and dramatic works.
The leaves of the trees were of different colors, offering a symphony of tones that only I seemed to hear.
Ryan and David were doing homework when Steve came in from his performance with the symphony .
Modern ceramic Raku is a symphony of glazes, creating an oil-slick effect of colors.
‘Newspaper design should be a symphony of black, grey and white,’ I remember him saying.
To return to the musical analogy, the symphony sounds slightly different when played by different orchestras, even though the score is the same.
Its complex and lengthy finish is a symphony of flavours that seems born for chicken tikka.
The Czechs are over-endowed with great composers, but the symphony that stirs them most comes from a minor master.
The diversified, conflicting and discordant notes of contemporary society will over time be blended to create a symphony of unity and peace.
It's not the bikes that let us down; for under £200 it's possible to buy a sleek-looking number that is a symphony of titanium and tyre.
In the Glasgow of my childhood I woke to a symphony of glass, metal and steam.