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sympathize / сочувствовать, симпатизировать, выражать сочувствие
sympathize, compassion, commiserate, compassionate, feel for, condole
выражать сочувствие
feel or express sympathy.
it is easy to understand and sympathize with his predicament
agree with a sentiment or opinion.
they sympathize with critiques of traditional theory
I sympathize with this stance, but I just don't think we're likely to attain this goal via war.
I sympathize with Mr. Barbera's desire to see the place survive and not be replaced by a big Public Storage complex.
And you can sometimes sympathize with a person for feeling a certain pressure.
First off, I wanted to tell his son that I can really sympathize with him.
it is easy to understand and sympathize with his predicament
I am a new reader to this website; I understand your frustration and can sympathize with your feelings.
Asked to identify and sympathize with him as the show's hero, viewers must confront a series of contradictions.
I sympathize with the university's position, assuming that their reason for saying no is candid.
Movies have recognizable characters, people we can identify and sympathize with.
As a libertarian, I tend to sympathize with this logic without digging too deeply into the facts.