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symmetry / симметрия, симметричность, соразмерность
имя существительное
proportion, adequacy, symmetry
имя существительное
the quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis.
this series has a line of symmetry through its center
Inspired by the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome, classic rooms have clean, simple lines and formal symmetry .
the political symmetry between the two debates
I note as well that although there is overlap between the prior beneficial owners, and the present beneficial owners, there is no exact symmetry .
Following the rules of proportion and symmetry of the ancients was important to Brunelleschi but he wanted these mathematical principles of beauty to be those seen by all observers.
This claim uncovers why we find certain formal properties such as symmetry and regularity aesthetically pleasing.
a lack of symmetry between men and women
But there is also a curious symmetry between opponents of the death penalty, and opponents of euthanasia and living wills.
Lino A. Graglia of the law school at the University of Texas is exceedingly impatient with such suggestions of symmetry between right and left.
As she was busy making sure that the spoons and forks were in perfect symmetry with each other, Damian took a good look at her.
The symmetry between the fate of the Middle Eastern Nobel laureates and their Irish counterparts continues looking at those who have displaced them.