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symbolize / символизировать, изображать символически
symbolize, represent, stand for, emblematize, emblem, image
изображать символически
be a symbol of.
the ceremonial dagger symbolizes justice
Mason's many films and books helped to symbolize the canoe as a Canadian icon.
Professional values also symbolize the democratic processes that key interest groups in the enterprise expect.
a tendency to symbolize the father as the sun
The protesters sat silently near an empty chair meant to symbolize the absence of the professor.
a tendency to symbolize the father as the sun
Nestled close together by the circumstances of history, they symbolised an intimate relationship, the warp and the weft of the fabric of the country.
He became first president of Turkey, changing his name to Kemal Ataturk, symbolising him as father of the nation.
The Statue of Liberty (1886) in New York harbor symbolized the city's role as a Mecca for immigrants.
Several people are shown being crushed under the weight of the body of the snake, which symbolises the Expressway.
The broken glass symbolises the broken faith, broken trust and shattered justice, our axe symbolises the steadfastness of our determination.