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symbolic / символический, символичный
имя прилагательное
symbolic, symbolical, nominal, emblematic, token, typical
symbolic, symbolical
имя прилагательное
serving as a symbol.
a repeating design symbolic of eternity
involving the use of symbols or symbolism.
the symbolic meaning of motifs and designs
The destruction of both wall and statue is symbolic of breaking free from oppression, and the elation on the faces of the people was the same.
If one were to judge Watts on his late, symbolic work, one might give him low marks for technique, anatomy and draughtsmanship.
It has more to do with the need to be seen supporting the Palestinians, even if only in a purely symbolic way.
In Aaronovitch's telling, events in the Balkans become purely symbolic .
All the while, the world makes symbolic gestures of concern and assistance.
An inverted glass is symbolic of the fact that those missing are unable to raise their glasses in a toast.
I also think that maybe this was a symbolic journey, representing my quest to my inner psyche.
In such a circumstance the label under which punishment is imposed would appear to be purely symbolic .
But as well as the bread and butter issues, there is a significant symbolic loss for republicans.
The city has today become symbolic of the systematic and sustained devaluation of the dignity of women.