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symbol / символ, знак, обозначение
имя существительное
symbol, character, letter, sign, emblem, type
sign, mark, character, symbol, badge, token
designation, symbol, name, sign, denomination, denotation
emblem, insignia, symbol, device, ensign, blazon
identifier, symbol
имя существительное
a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract.
the limousine was another symbol of his wealth and authority
The first was symbol of the atonement the 2nd was to symbol the carrying away of sins.
The star, called a Magen David, or Shield of David, is a symbol of the Jewish faith.
the limousine was another symbol of his wealth and authority
His phone was also silver, a top of the range Nokia, a symbol of the material wealth modern young men can accrue if they choose life at sea.
Amid the welter of sordid interests, he stood as the symbol of proud incorruptibility.
They are green and white, and they carry their national symbol , the star and crescent, silvery bright and shiny.
On the chest of the suit was a patch that had the symbol of the organization they represent.
What has made him invulnerable as patron saint, however, is his saltire symbol on our flag, the sign of our nationhood.
Better yet, make it the universal symbol for the Red Cross regardless of nationality.
The ‘green’ vans are easily recognisable as they are marked with a rainbow symbol .
The cat is for Charles Baudelaire, the poet of Les Fleurs du mal, both a sign and a symbol .