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sylph / сильф, грациозная девушка, грациозная женщина
имя существительное
грациозная девушка
грациозная женщина
имя существительное
an imaginary spirit of the air.
The plots of many ballets were dominated by spirit women - sylphs , wilis, and ghosts - who enslaved the hearts and senses of mortal men and made it impossible for them to live happily in the real world.
a mainly dark green and blue hummingbird, the male of which has a long forked tail.
Flowerbeds where bees vie with hummingbirds for honey offer unmatched opportunity to observe sylphs .
Over the years she has put on about 130 pounds but still dresses as if she were a sylph .
Allie, a slim sylph , had the Ruby Keeler-Peggy Sawyer part.
‘I will do as you say,’ said the sylph , and then spread her wings and swooped off across the little dale.
The idea of the dragon / sylph gets explained more in the Rilleta chapter coming up.
‘She is a sylph ; a water-sprite,’ said Anest, who knew from experience to be direct and honest in his dealing with elves.
Two security guards were trying to restrain her - one tall guy and one wee blonde sylph one-eighth the size of the offender.
As I gaze at this slender sylph in front of me, the absurdity of her paranoia gets me thinking that women so often suffer from a distorted view of themselves.
I felt my heart leap in my chest as my eyes sought out a dripping wet sylph sitting in a corner.
Natalia Magnicaballi has the regal bearing of a queen, the spirit of a gypsy, and the soul of a sylph .
Putting on a gypsy skirt now might just feel like getting yourself up as a ridiculous imitation of yourself as a beautiful sylph wafting around pretending to be Talitha Getty in Morocco, circa 1969.