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sybarite / сибарит
имя существительное
имя существительное
a person who is self-indulgent in their fondness for sensuous luxury.
I've encountered people who lived as self-involved sybarites for years but assumed a new Christian identity in middle age.
Would you be kind enough to go back on deck and tell Kay that I said she's an uncultivated, ill-bred sybarite ?
They encouraged him, while in the city, to live like a sybarite .
Utterly sublime even for a dedicated sybarite .
Spectacle is the best word to describe the show; as it would enthuse the most jaded sybarite .
Call me an idle sybarite , but I value this capability.
He is essentially a sybarite , renting a spacious palazzo by the Grand Canal, eating, drinking and, separated from his wife in England, womanising with zest.
He cannot go on being a mendacious sybarite inside and outside Parliament, and get away with it.
This is Naldhera perched way above sea level, with majestic views of the Shimla ridge, offering nature for the sybarite , hiking and rafting for the athlete and golf for those who are into handicaps and hole-in-ones.
When a man lives in a multi-million dollar mansion and makes a hundred million a year, his kids are more than likely to become drug-using sybarites .
They were sybarites who enjoyed power and indulgence.