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sworn / названный
имя прилагательное
denominated, adopted, sworn
имя прилагательное
(of testimony or evidence) given under oath.
he made a sworn statement
determined to remain in the role or condition specified.
they were sworn enemies
make a solemn statement or promise undertaking to do something or affirming that something is the case.
Maria made me swear I would never tell anyone
use offensive language, especially as an expression of anger.
Peter swore under his breath
What did you have in mind when you wrote that sentence in sworn evidence in Australia?
The act obliges people making personal injury claims to make a sworn affidavit of their claim.
The only thing that will give us the answers seems to be a sworn inquiry.
All they have to do is to put a sworn statement declaring that they were not part of the process.
They must provide hospitality to anyone who asks even if he be a sworn enemy.
Our sworn opponent may not so much have rejected this truth as failed to grasp it.
He said if a woman found she was married to a stranger she would need to submit a sworn affidavit.
This country was owned by a sworn enemy of Richard - Duke Leopold of Austria.
The claim was denied by Mr Ashcroft, who also gave sworn testimony yesterday.
It requires you sit down and strike deals not with your friends, but with your sworn enemies.