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swordsman / фехтовальщик
имя существительное
swordsman, fencer
имя существительное
a man who fights with a sword (typically with his level of skill specified).
an expert swordsman
Swinging it into the air and catching the blade by the handle, the swordsman stood ready to fight once more.
After being blindfolded, she waited only a few seconds before a French swordsman severed her head from her delicate neck.
He was finely built, and appeared to have the skills of a swordsman as well as a mage.
an expert swordsman
an expert swordsman
Had she been in combat against a stronger swordsman , she would have been dead by now.
He had distinguished himself as a swordsman by fighting in my father's Three Year War.
He had learned the level of skill this swordsman had and was ready for the kill.
There was an immediate hustle and bustle as she stretched and made ready for a few more fights with drunken swordsmen .
Centuries of peace later, the samurai had lost their swordsmanship and were restricted by the new laws of the land.