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swoosh / галочка
имя существительное
the sound produced by a sudden rush of air or liquid.
the swoosh of surf
move with a swoosh.
swooshing down beautiful ski slopes
Alex paused for a moment and pointed out the various sections, then led the way around the balcony to a door on the opposite side that slid open immediately with a commanding swoosh .
I ducked just in time for her hand to swoosh over my head.
Percy warned and I ducked just in time to see a spear swoosh past my face.
Rex ducked just in time to hear the swoosh above him.
I heard a pillow swoosh through the air and hit a head.
the swoosh of surf
Dance music from a nearby club mingles with the soft swoosh of water flowing over one of the Vltava's many dams.
Suddenly there was a loud swoosh from overhead them.
the swoosh of surf
white running shoes with the Nike swoosh