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swoop / налет, наскок, устремление вниз
имя существительное
raid, bloom, touch, swoop, scurf, deposit
устремление вниз
внезапное нападение
incursion, raid, descent, blitz, swoop
rush, fling, swoop, plunge, dash, throw oneself
swoop, bump into, pounce, swoop on, swoop upon, bump up against
устремляться вниз
swoop, stoop, swoop down, stoop down
change, vary, alter, switch, shift, swoop
exchange, swap, trade, change, barter, swoop
имя существительное
a swooping or snatching movement or action.
four members were arrested following a swoop by detectives on their homes
(especially of a bird) move rapidly downward through the air.
the barn owl can swoop down on a mouse in total darkness
seize with a sweeping motion.
she swooped up the hen in her arms
Shutt has been scouting for fresh talent to add to the squad following his triple swoop last week.
He has contacts within the flashy high-speed world of Formula One and some of the men involved in his financial swoop for City are believed to be from the Grand Prix circuit.
The only movement was the flapping of a hawk or the swoop of a diving osprey, the only sound the gentle lapping of water on the shore.
The birds will swoop in front of cars to feed on the insects attracted by the headlights.
When birds swoop around en masse, how do they decide who does the steering?
four members were arrested following a swoop by detectives on their homes
Birds swoop below as I peer through the vertical grid.
A spokesman said the company worked closely with the Immigration Service, knew the swoop was planned and would not face further action or prosecution.
The drugs were seized following a swoop on a house in Cahernorry, Ballysimon on Tuesday night.
There is still scope to sign players on frees, though, and Hughes is open to the idea of making a swoop for someone like Cole, providing it's financially viable.