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swoon / обморок, липотимия
имя существительное
fainting, syncope, faint, swoon, swim, fainting-fit
падать в обморок
faint, swoon, die away, sink into a faint
fade, die, die away, die down, swoon, tail off
имя существительное
an occurrence of fainting.
her strength ebbed away and she fell into a swoon
faint from extreme emotion.
I don't want a nurse who swoons at the sight of blood
His biceps bulged; his abdomen rippled and the mere sight of him made the faint-hearted swoon .
People swoon and faint when I casually mention that I don't have a mobile phone.
The thought made me swoon with disbelief, so after eight songs had passed, I wasn't sure if it was the twelve cups of punch or the dance that was making me delirious.
her strength ebbed away and she fell into a swoon
Hero is publicly denounced by Claudio on her wedding day, falls into a swoon , and apparently dies.
Critics worldwide swoon over my original line of corduroy evening wear.
Several girls practically swoon from the sight of him, and to tell you the truth I can't help but stare at him myself.
He had never met a woman who wouldn't swoon at the sight or mention of death.
The wheel of fashion turned full circle during London Fashion Week, with the best designers convincing audiences to swoon over collections they would have balked at this time last year.
women swoon over his manly, unaffected ways