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swivel / поворотный, вращающийся, шарнирный
имя прилагательное
turning, swivel, swinging, revolving, turnable
rotating, rotational, revolving, swivel, turning, rotative
swivel, articulate
имя существительное
swivel, shackle, gudgeon
шарнирное соединение
swivel, swing joint
поворачивать на шарнирах
имя существительное
a coupling between two parts enabling one to revolve without turning the other.
Patented swivel axle keeps all three wheels on the ground even on sharp turns.
turn around a point or axis or on a swivel.
he swiveled in the chair
I had some drilled balsa bodies and I inserted a length of brass welding rod in one end and a swivel in the other.
Each groove holds the projection and stops the swivel action while the swivel base swivels to a particular orientation in the mounting base.
A lump of clay is then placed at the centre of the motorised swivel and moulded into the desired shape.
Patented swivel axle keeps all three wheels on the ground even on sharp turns.
I have never used a spit, instead, I use a couple of meat hooks and a fishing swivel .
In my opinion the best way to attach the float to the line is with a swivel attached to a short length of power gum.
It weighed in at about 10 lb fully loaded, sporting the Kahles scope and fitted with swivels , but not wearing a sling.
After we had cleared the city, he set the controls and swiveled his chair around to face me.
Both are equipped with studs for sling swivels .
All you need is two one-inch swivels and the ability to choose between two good looking colors - black or chestnut.