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switchblade / пружинный нож
имя существительное
пружинный нож
switchblade, flick-knife
имя существительное
a knife with a blade that springs out from the handle when a button is pressed.
Supposedly, the child has multiple weapons (including guns, knives, switchblades , etc) hidden in her room, and various drugs.
She picks up the switchblade and puts it into her pockets.
She wished she could reach the switchblade in her skirt's back pocket and cut herself loose.
Her black eyes were unfocused, her other hand absent-mindedly fondling the pocketed switchblade .
The man drew out a switchblade the size of a penknife.
He drew his switchblade from his pocket and pressed the blade release button.
I pulled my switchblade from my pocket and held it up.
Sticking his hand in his pocket to finger his switchblade , Roger sped up a bit, but the footsteps followed him in perfect synchronization.
Suddenly Jorge pulled out a switchblade from his pocket.
He grabbed the switchblade from his back pocket as Carl got closer and closer.
Checking to make sure all the windows were closed and the doors locked, I pocketed my old switchblade and headed out the door.