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switch / переключатель, коммутатор, выключатель
имя существительное
switch, selector, toggle, relay, commutator
switch, commutator, switchboard, exchange, commuter, keyboard
switch, breaker, cutout, tumbler switch
switch, toggle, shift, commute, throw over
change, vary, alter, switch, shift, exchange
имя существительное
a device for making and breaking the connection in an electric circuit.
the guard hit a switch and the gate swung open
an act of adopting one policy or way of life, or choosing one type of item, in place of another; a change, especially a radical one.
his friends were surprised at his switch from newspaper owner to farmer
a slender flexible shoot cut from a tree.
The students are lined up in somewhat orderly rows by their class leaders while a few of the teachers oversee the process, swishing small switches recently torn from nearby eucalyptus trees.
a junction of two railroad tracks, with a pair of linked tapering rails that can be moved laterally to allow a train to pass from one line to the other.
In later years private contractors installed the siding while the railway installed the switch .
a tress of false or detached hair tied at one end, used in hairdressing to supplement natural hair.
On an impulse, Katherine reached up with her other hand and flicked her hood off of her head, revealing her long switch of hair.
change the position, direction, or focus of.
the company switched the boats to other routes
beat or flick with or as if with a switch.
In later years private contractors installed the siding while the railway installed the switch .
after ten minutes, listener and speaker switch roles
Share prices of six of them had either suffered continuous losses or posted no change since their switch .
He pressed the switch to deactivate the program, then his weapons faded and he opened the door.
Mr Morrissey said oil companies used currency fluctuations to justify price increases but that a switch to euro pricing would put an end to this and bring real benefits for road users.
I heard that there were switch problems - they could not line up a switch to allow us onto Track 1, so we would have to run on Track 2 for a bit.
At the end of the exercise, the groups will switch roles.
Dr Page confirmed that the switch in drugs could cause increased anxiety, and that there had been press reports about the drug increasing suicidal tendencies.
Investigators say someone tampered with a locked switch on October 20th so that trains would go the wrong way.
The Government says the accounts will comprise low cost, easy access investment schemes, which allow workers who switch jobs or take career breaks save in a flexible way.