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swirl / водоворот, вихрь, завихрение
имя существительное
whirlpool, swirl, maelstrom, vortex, eddy, whirligig
vortex, swirl, whirlwind, whirl, eddy, curl
swirl, whirl, pinwheel, curl
кружить в водовороте
кружиться в водовороте
swirl, eddy
образовывать водоворот
имя существительное
a quantity of something moving in a swirl.
swirls of dust swept across the floor
move in a twisting or spiraling pattern.
the smoke was swirling around him
Here and there, a detail attracts more precise rendering; a hand, a face, a small insect emerge from the swirl of color.
The music thumps in his ears as the wind and other cars speed by in a swirl of motion and color.
Turning with a swirl of her emerald skirts, Sara placed a gentle finger against Alex's lips, silencing her.
Put the heat on medium-low, put a few teaspoons of olive oil in the stockpot and swirl it around to coat the bottom, let it warm for a moment and then add the leeks.
she emerged with a swirl of skirts
The sun shone through the canopy of leaves, and the wind made the leaves swirl around her.
There was a swirl of movement in the dimly lit alcove.
He climbed down the swaying ladder onto the ancient hardwood floor, as he landed a swirl of dust filled his nostrils causing him to gag.
We swirl the ice in our plastic cup of Scotch and Coke and look at the people sitting near us.
When the first ship entered, it stirred up dust into a swirl .