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swipe / красть, ударять с силой
steal, swipe, thieve, glom, snitch, hook
ударять с силой
swash, swipe
имя существительное
yoke, rocker, beam, balance beam, swipe, crossbeam
сильный удар
swipe, slog, whack, bang, hard blow, swinger
winch, windlass, pulley, capstan, neckband, swipe
lever, arm, rod, cradle, pry, swipe
журавль колодца
swipe, sweep
имя существительное
a sweeping blow.
he missed the ball with his first swipe
hit or try to hit with a swinging blow.
she swiped me right across the nose
someone swiped one of his sausages
pass (a swipe card) through an electronic device that reads and processes the information encoded on it.
Besides,’ he continued, swiping his I.D. pass through an electronic lock, ‘the kids trust us.’
The councillor also took a swipe at the police service following raids in nationalist areas of Belfast yesterday morning.
A city politician today took a swipe at neighbouring town halls for imposing council tax hikes up to four times inflation.
Justin turned aside the blow with a quick swipe , and countered with a low sweep, hoping to get Timothy to jump over the blade.
He took a swipe at earlier press reports which claimed he would take advantage of the company and sell the properties as soon as he could after the two-year period to pocket profits.
He told the court that customers who wanted to use the lobby had to swipe their card through a legitimate bank device to gain entry.
Andy collapsed into a heap and continued to swipe at the air.
With a powerful swipe of its paw, the wolf delivered a final blow to Bonnie's head.
Travelers then swipe those cards as they pass through security to confirm their identity.
I countered his lunge with a powerful swipe of my arm, using his momentum to thrust him to the ground.
He blocked to blows from the young soldier then took a swipe of his own.