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swinging / качающийся, поворотный, колеблющийся
имя прилагательное
swaying, swinging, shaking, oscillating, pendulous, rocky
turning, swivel, swinging, revolving, turnable
oscillating, hesitant, vibrating, vacillating, wavering, swinging
имя существительное
swing, swaying, oscillation, wobble, swinging, fluctuation
oscillation, swing, fluctuation, hesitation, wobble, swinging
swinging, flourish, flourishing
имя прилагательное
(of a person, place, or way of life) lively, exciting, and fashionable.
a swinging resort
move or cause to move back and forth or from side to side while suspended or on an axis.
her long black skirt swung about her legs
move by grasping a support from below and leaping.
we swung across like two trapeze artists
move or cause to move in a smooth, curving line.
he swung her bag up onto the rack
shift or cause to shift from one opinion, mood, or state of affairs to another.
opinion swung in the chancellor's favor
play music with an easy flowing but vigorous rhythm.
the band swung on
In one episode, Butch's elderly parents come clean about their swinging antics during the Korean War.
Those of us who can recall a time when Lava lamps were taken seriously know that the aesthetic of the swinging '60s is particularly vulnerable.
The couple first met at a church youth group 40 years ago, and actually started going out together at a Valentine's dance back in the swinging 60s.
Set among peace-loving forest dwellers in the swinging 60s the lively production even features a guest appearance by The King himself, Elvis.
The layout fuses a pastiche of 90s chrome and 70s retro with a swinging 60's colour scheme of greens, burgundies and blues.
Wasn't Sellers just living out the cultural leap that the entire world made between the repressed 50s and the swinging 60s?
Our perception of the swinging decade has inevitably been shaped by what has happened in the world since then.
Hollywood, 1952: DaVinci Clothing is born and quickly becomes the style of choice for members of the swinging Rat Pack.
No episode more graphically conveys the pent-up longing of those curiously shadowed and elusive days we lived through between the end of the war and the birth of swinging Britain.
For all these reasons the pill has long been credited not only as a vital ingredient in the rise of feminism but a precursor to the swinging Sixties, the tool that enabled a generation to throw caution to the wind.