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swine / свинья, поросенок, нахал
имя существительное
pig, swine, hog, sow
pig, piggy, piglet, piggie, pigling, swine
smart aleck, insolent fellow, jackanapes, pig, swine, impertinent
имя существительное
a pig.
His team did DNA studies that gave more evidence for the idea that prehumans acquired these tapeworms before cattle and swine were domesticated.
a person regarded by the speaker with contempt and disgust.
what an arrogant, unfeeling swine!
имя существительное
an adult female pig, especially one that has farrowed.
A day before the sows are ready to farrow, the farrowing boxes are set up in the rooms.
a large block of metal (larger than a “pig”) made by smelting.
He said most of the stock is ingot, whereas more consumers prefer T-bar or sow .
The same virus has been detected in humans and swine .
I was so disgusted with myself that day, I felt like a swine .
You'd have to be a real swine to have kept him a secret.
Spray-dried plasma protein from swine or cattle blood is equally effective and has been a major contribution to the success of early weaning programs.
Between 11 pm last night and 8am this morning the heartless swine crept into our front garden and took it.
For your brave action, I bestow on you the honor of skinning the swine .
The paper only addressed the occurrence of bird flu in pigs in 2003, and made no mention of his remark last week that it had re-emerged in swine this year too.
Taking her brother's arm, she said a silent prayer that this pirate would not die at the hands of that swine .
We will take what you exploited from others, you capitalist swine !
what an arrogant, unfeeling swine!