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swimsuit / женский купальник
имя существительное
женский купальник
имя существительное
a garment worn for swimming.
Typically, only exposed skin is affected - skin not covered by swimsuits , wet suits or waders.
In another drawer there was a swimsuit and a leotard and special shorts to go with it.
She was wearing a swimsuit that consisted of a tunic and a normal bikini bottom, both in hunter green.
Passing by with my daughter, we decided to buy two brassieres and a swimsuit .
I didn't even pick out a swimsuit because I planned on getting out of swimming somehow.
This should match with your top, your t-shirt and your swimsuit to create different looks.
Throw in a couple of swimsuits , caps and goggles, and you're talking another $100 or so per year.
It's an explosion of old-school diner design: brown vinyl booths, chrome kitchenware, a jukebox, a painting of three swimsuited lovelies.
After each person had changed to their swimsuits , them met at the station's Olympic size swimming pool.
The boys insisted on wearing cut-off jeans instead of competitive swimsuits .
She has a degree in Apparel Design and has designed sportswear and swimsuits for a major manufacturer.