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swimmingly / гладко, без помех, превосходно
smooth, smoothly, slick, swimmingly, fluently, volubly
без помех
swimmingly, without let or hindrance
fine, ideally, primely, swimmingly, nobly, capitally
smoothly and satisfactorily.
things are going swimmingly
This time, however, the journey goes swimmingly .
All went swimmingly until her co-star broke his knee playing volleyball.
On Friday I finally got my network changed on my mobile. Apparently, it ‘normally goes swimmingly .’
September, October, November and the first half of December all went swimmingly well.
It's assumed that all required paperwork was processed swimmingly .
And apart from that, I said, it went swimmingly .
things are going swimmingly
Everything was going swimmingly for the challenger until scandal erupted.
Now they're getting along swimmingly , if you will.
All seemed to be going swimmingly - the satellite signal was nice and strong, the ISDN line connected with no problem, we were ready to broadcast.