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swim / плавать, плыть, проплывать
swim, float, sail, voyage, run
swim, sail, ride, pull
имя существительное
swimming, navigation, voyage, swim, sailing, sail
dizziness, vertigo, giddiness, swimming, swim
fainting, syncope, faint, swoon, swim, fainting-fit
имя существительное
an act or period of swimming.
we went for a swim in the river
a pool in a river that is a particularly good spot for fishing.
he landed two 5-lb chub from the same swim
propel the body through water by using the limbs, or (in the case of a fish or other aquatic animal) by using fins, tail, or other bodily movement.
they swam ashore
be immersed in or covered with liquid.
mashed potatoes swimming in gravy
appear to reel or whirl before one's eyes.
Emily rubbed her eyes as the figures swam before her eyes
First is a swim in the pool and then it's on to Windermere to master the art of canoeing and kayaking in the lake.
Suddenly the room began to swim before her eyes.
When you have a cold or a temperature or even a flu you may wonder if it is really necessary to stay in bed or if you could go for a swim .
Within ten minutes I had to retrieve my tackle, after a load of rubbish dragged the bait out of the swim .
I baited up another spot on the other side of the swim before retying up the second rod with a new rig.
The first thing to do on arriving is to get a stream of bait going into the swim .
The nets indiscriminately trap fish, dolphins, and other animals that swim into them.
She had just finished a refreshing swim in the pool.
At Rs.250 per person, one can also have a swim in the outdoor swimming pool and enjoy the cadence of the Filipino band.
He dove under the water again, to swim the rest of the way to the bridge.