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swill / пойло, помои, полоскание водой
имя существительное
swill, swipes, mash, draff, slipslop, slumgullion
slops, swill, slop, dishwater, lap, wash
полоскание водой
полоскать водой
swill, swill out
обливать водой
douche, swill, swill out
имя существительное
kitchen refuse and scraps of waste food mixed with water for feeding to pigs.
Government yesterday also placed an immediate ban on swill (kitchen refuse) bought from ships after it was established that the disease was carried in pig feed.
a large mouthful of a drink.
a swill of ale
wash or rinse out (an area or container) by pouring large amounts of water or other liquid over or into it.
I swilled out the mug
drink (something) greedily or in large quantities.
they whiled away their evening swilling pints of beer
Add the tinned tomatoes and swill out the tin with some stock or water
a swill of ale
Pour half a cup of whatever undrinkable swill you've got left plus half a cup of water into a zip-lock bag.
Criminals simply drove them off the home-owner's drives while the motorist was having a last swill of coffee.
This appalling litter problem is mainly caused by the unpleasant habit of so many people now who eat their meals in the street, swill them down with a can of drink and then finish off with the inevitable cigarette.
A basic mouthwash such as Chlorhexidine is also good to swill around the chops every day - but spit it out, don't swallow.
The injury caused him to pop painkillers and swill them down with hard liquor
Ignoring his wife's concern, he took a large swill of the drink and savored the malted barley on his bitter tongue.
We buy meat in from all over the place and anybody can bring anything in and we feed swill to pigs, swill which is basically left overs.
I can swill down a bit of red wine to be sociable, but that's about it.