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swift / быстро, поспешно
fast, quickly, quick, prompt, swift, soon
hastily, speedily, slapdash, swift, hotfoot, with all speed
имя прилагательное
fast, quick, prompt, rapid, speedy, swift
early, fast, swift, rapid, speedy, quick
swift, brisk
имя существительное
drum, reel, barrel, cylinder, roll, swift
reel, reeler, swift
cover, swift
constrict, contract, subtend, draw off, astringe, swift
имя прилагательное
happening quickly or promptly.
a remarkably swift recovery
имя существительное
a swift-flying insectivorous bird with long slender wings and a superficial resemblance to a swallow, spending most of its life on the wing.
The White-throated Swift is a large, slender swift with long wings and a narrow tail, usually held closed into a point.
a moth, typically yellow-brown in color, with fast darting flight. The eggs are scattered in flight and the larvae live underground feeding on roots, where they can be a serious pest.
a light, adjustable reel for holding a skein of silk or wool.
Illustrated in the book are other articles made in the Dominy shop for family use, such as a wooden bowl made of a burl from an apple tree and a swift to wind wool yarn.
streams that ran swift and clear
Will quickly drew his pistol in a swift wrist motion and shot the man, just like he had seen during duels in many western movies.
Imagine my utter surprise when he got off his horse in one swift motion and bowed down in front of me!
His swift action meant speedy help for Janet, who has made a full recovery, and also a bravery nomination for Sam, from Heywood.
White and pale camels are much preferred by the men as mounts, especially those which are swift moving, sleek and pleasant to the eye.
At the end of the proceedings, Udom demonstrated his strength for the crowd by walking up to a can and giving it a good swift kick sending it flying off into the air.
The beast is replaced with a thin, swift reptile that is capable taking sharp corners and hiding inside buildings.
And with that soft promise playing through my mind I relaxed in Michael's arms and wished our journey back to camp swift speed.
Seen from the side a battle is a struggle and a rivalry between the sides that use artillery fire, swift maneuvers and lightning strikes.
Much of the opera is swift moving dialogue, but a distinctive feature is Martinu's insertion of slower moving sections.
The scouts, on their light, swift horses, were racing ahead, but they wouldn't maintain the gap for long.