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swerve / отклонение, поворот, отклонение в сторону
имя существительное
deviation, deflection, rejection, departure, variation, swerve
turn, rotation, turning, twist, swing, swerve
отклонение в сторону
сворачивать в сторону
swerve, skew
отклоняться от прямого пути
имя существительное
an abrupt change of direction.
do not make sudden swerves, particularly around parked vehicles
change or cause to change direction abruptly.
a car swerved around a corner
It should be widened and sidewalks introduced - a truck swerving to avoid a pedestrian was the cause of one of last week's crashes there.
Because the car is out of control, the bus swerves to avoid it.
When garbage contains hard objects, it can contribute more directly to accidents by causing damage to vehicles, punctures or dangerous swerves .
The camera swerves quickly from the murder to the reaction: Meenakshi retching in horror.
The ball swerves in the air a la Roberto Carlos and is in all the way, but Marcos fingertips the ball onto the right-hand post.
As if on cue, a motorist, seeing the grisly scene before him, swerves in order to crush this cannibal rat.
The sudden swerves from genre to genre prove unsettling rather than exciting.
Lucio's free-kick swerves wildly but Barthez claims well.
From time-to-time, an unevenness in tone is evident, as the movie swerves between bawdy farce and melodrama.
Claus Jensen, bright and inventive in midfield, tested Richard Wright with a 30-yard swerver which the England keeper clutched in his midriff.