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sweltering / изнемогать от зноя, париться
изнемогать от зноя
steam, swelter
имя прилагательное
uncomfortably hot.
the sweltering afternoon heat
(of a person or the atmosphere at a particular time or place) be uncomfortably hot.
Barney sweltered in his doorman's uniform
During our sweltering American summer, the average temperature in this northern city hovers around a comfortable 75 degrees.
The screaming fans couldn't compose themselves even in the sweltering heat.
The air conditioning was broken, so the cab was sweltering .
The mercury reached a sweltering 107 degrees in Dallas on Sunday.
Men lived and worked with volatile herbicides for ten days straight each fortnight, some over several years, in the sweltering monsoonal climate.
A calm air - despite the sweltering Spanish heat - emanated.
Still, temperatures in the low 90 s, with sweltering humidity, did produce some grumbling.
Many urbanites in southern Europe flee their sweltering cities for the mountains or coast in summer.
Gold miners often have to descend more than 3 kilometres underground to drill ore in sweltering narrow tunnels.
According to reports from Chris, who went out there a few days ago, the weather has ranged from sweltering to incapacitating.