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swelter / зной, духота
имя существительное
heat, ardent heat, swelter, ardor, fervor, ardour
stuffiness, closeness, fug, swelter, sultriness, frowst
изнемогать от зноя
steam, swelter
(of a person or the atmosphere at a particular time or place) be uncomfortably hot.
Barney sweltered in his doorman's uniform
имя существительное
an uncomfortably hot atmosphere.
the swelter of an August day
the swelter of the afternoon had cooled
A slim, wooden door separates the tiny coffee storefront from a handful of employees working in the swelter of the warehouse-style area, heated both by the summer weather and the industrial-size coffee roaster.
the swelter of an August day
The locked-out crowd had two choices: remain uncomfortably warm in the plaza, or crowd into the box-office area and swelter unbearably.
School children are sweating it out with soaring summer temperatures and record levels of humidity leaving the region in a swelter .
The fire was so violent and hot that he could feel it's swelter from three blocks away.
Now most of the crew will fight for their ship in a swelter of smoke and foul air.
As Coventry swelter in the heat, Mikkel Bischoff still maintains he made the right move in switching to the Ricoh Arena.
There is a level of desperation provided in the performances, and the monochrome image sells the desert swelter very well.
How they must look down at us sitting there, sweltering away in the morning sun, and laugh their heads off at us.