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sweetness / сладость
имя существительное
sweetness, sweet, honey, goody
имя существительное
the quality of being sweet.
Marcus, for all his sweetness and good qualities, seems rather like a dead fish next to Lee.
The sweetness of the honey soothes the whisky's spicy, hoppy flavour.
And since she answered my silly questions with patience and saccharine sweetness , she is in my good books.
I know you win people over with sweetness , so I tried to be sweet, or as sweet as an old bear can be.
Their beautiful shades will give you a lift, and their sweetness will satisfy your cravings with a fraction of the calories.
The gentle songs lack appropriate melodic sweetness and lyrical sentimentality.
The sweetness of the vocal harmonies is tempered by the rawness of the guitar and the unremitting monotony of the drum patterns.
Cumin goes so well with carrots, adding a Middle-Eastern flavour to the carrots sweetness .
They persuaded me to phone my Head of Unit, who was sweetness itself.
This is a bold, lime-scented style with a touch of sweetness and a great flavour to burn.
Stir well, taste for sweetness and place in a colander to drain.