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sweetie / конфетка, дорогая, возлюбленный
имя существительное
sweetie, sweety, nicy
sweetheart, love, sweetie, sweet, dearie, deary
lover, sweetheart, love, dear, boyfriend, sweetie
имя существительное
used as a term of endearment (especially as a form of address).
It's okay, sweetie-pie , calm down for mommy, please.
a green-skinned grapefruit of a variety noted for its sweet taste.
Finally, a black lady stopped me by saying ‘Are you alright, sweetie ?’
Josh, being the sweetie he is, went all out and fixed chocolate chip pancakes, my favorite.
He answered it with a hearty, ‘Hello, sweetie !’
At the end of the day, the general consensus is that I'm a sweetie .
She's such a sweetie … makes me want to get on Eurostar and personally help her with her finishing.
Win a collection of great CDs from Universal Music and a box of Guylian chocolates for your sweetie .
Put your head on my lap, sweetie , she would say, and stroke my hair until she fell asleep, bone tired from the drive, from hours in the spangled woods.
And if your kid acts up at home, you don't pull him aside and say ‘let's talk about your feelings, sweetie .’
You're a sweetie , and I appreciate it sooo much.
It's rather good, and leaves you wondering whether Bob is really just a sweetie , albeit one you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.