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sweetener / подсластитель
имя существительное
имя существительное
a substance used to sweeten food or drink, especially one other than sugar.
Alcohol, tomatoes, spices, chocolate, caffeine, citrus drinks, artificial sweeteners and acidic foods may irritate your bladder.
One of this drink's chief ingredients is the artificial sweetener aspartame.
Elsewhere, the Abbey National is offering a #50 cashback sweetener to encourage borrowers to stick with them, ‘because life's complicated enough’.
I must conclude that there is something about the combination of caffeine and artificial sweetener that makes this drink so special.
The money was a sweetener to speed the release of Anderson and other kidnapped Americans.
a sweetener may persuade them to sell
A considerable sweetener that may be welcome by those who have pumped money into Rotherham but perhaps not by the paying punters who will feel cheated.
Fine Gael also claimed the money was being used as a sweetener to buy votes in next year's local and European elections because the projects will only then be coming on stream.
Also don't give kids foods with the artificial sweetener aspartame, which can cause such side effects as excitability and mood swings.
Mr Cullen has also added an extra €5,000 sweetener to encourage Senators to take the package, according to the Opposition parties.
The rats exhibited behavioral changes even when sugar was replaced with the artificial sweetener saccharin.